Shark Task Force
Everything you wanted to know about sharks and ocean conservation.
The next top supermodel, may be found somewhere out at sea. Get your cameras ready as we introduce you to some of the most photogenic sharks in the world's oceans. For more on sharks, check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea, a Captain Jon Adventure at and
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Can a shark really be yellow? It's time to meet a Lemon Shark by the name of Citrus. Captain Jon comes face to face with a shark who's a friend to scientists everywhere. For more on sharks, visit or .
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Tiger Sharks are built to survive because they aren't picky. Also - find out why a Great White Shark tooth and a Tiger Shark tooth are very different. For more about sharks, check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea - now available at and
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It's the first audio edition of the Shark Task Force. This time an interview with the president of Shark Diving International, Lawrence Groth. He's spent a lot of quality time with sharks around the world. He shares his experiences, why he's living his dream and how he's making dreams come true for  many people. For more on Lawrence and Shark Diving International, check out For more on Sharks - check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea on
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Is a Great White Shark really a Great White Shark? Maybe not. Shark Diving International CEO Lawrence Groth explains why in this special edition of the Shark Task Force. For more on sharks, the ocean and adventure, check out, and Special thanks to Lawrence and the crew of the Solmar V.
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Is it possible to call a Tiger Shark to the camera for a close up? Producer George C. Schellenger takes a look in this behind the scenes segment from Sharks: Knights of the Sea. For more on sharks, check out, and
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Jim Abernethy from Jim Abernethy Scuba Adventures shares his first encounter with a Tiger Shark - his fast reaction - and the way he sees sharks today. For more on sharks, check out or
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Naturalist Scott Davis from Shark Diving International, explains why it's not easy being a shark. He also takes a look at some of the biggest threats to sharks -- and asks the question - "have sharks changed much?" Scott has worked with National Geographic - and led groundbreaking research into Great White Shark migration habits. For more on sharks and the ocean - check out
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If you want your view of sharks to change forever, just spend a few minutes with Emma. She's a 14-foot Tiger Shark from the Bahamas, and chances are you've never met a shark like this before. For more on the world of sharks, check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea - A Captain Jon Adventure.
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Dr. Mike Heithaus, a Marine Biologist at Florida International University,
explains some basics in what motivates sharks. For more on sharks and helping out the ocean, check out and
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Lawrence Groth of Shark Diving International, Jim Abernethy of Jim Abernethy SCUBA Adventures - and Dr. Mike Heithaus - National Geographic Tiger Shark Expert - speak out on why conserving sharks is so important. For more on sharks and the ocean - check out and the
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