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Sharks - Save it For the Kids - Music Video

To celebrate the release of "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" on DVD - we are proud to present this special music video called "Save it For the Kids" - It captures highlights from the film - and gives you a preview of this great new song by Colton James - Save it For the Kids. This is Your Ocean: Sharks is now available on DVD.   You'll find Colton's song on iTunes.  We'll be back soon, because, why wait a whole year for just one week on sharks?

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Jim Abernethy and Guy Harvey talk about taking This is Your Ocean: Sharks - as it comes home to DVD. This is Your Ocean: Sharks follows the adventure of Jim, Guy and marine artist Wyland as they set on on a mission to save sharks. Along the way they see the trouble sharks face and what can be done to help them. One of our favorite sharks, Emma, makes an appearance as well. This is Your Ocean: Sharks will be available on DVD July 3, 2012.

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