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Want to see a lot of sharks? Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is the place to go for incredible encounters with Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks and Caribbean Reef Sharks. The Shark Task Force takes a trip there with expert Jim Abernethy in this edition of the Shark Task Force. To find out more, check out:, and

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Sure they're not sharks, but the Ocean and Shark Task Force recently went on a manatee expedition. Cooler temperates have killed hundreds with winter - and to survive, manatees are hunkering down. With that in mind, here's a tribute to these awesome animals. You'll see why it's so easy to fall in love. For more information on manatees, check out

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The recent death of a Florida man from a fatal shark bite has sparked debate: Was the death intentional or accidental? The Shark Task Force looks at the debate - and asks the bigger question - what should we know before we go into the ocean? How can we be safer when it comes to sharks?


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It's winter and chances are you're cold, unless of course, you're a great white shark. Sharks, manatees, turtles and winter - this time on the SharkTaskForce. For more on Gumbo Limbo in Boca Raton -- check out:  We'll see you next time on the Shark Task Force, because, why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks!


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