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You'd think seals wouldn't want to swim around sharks. In this edition of the Shark Task Force you'll get a very different perspective. Turns out seals and great white sharks have a relationship scientists are still working to figure out. For more on sharks, check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea - now available from and
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On our shark expeditions over the past year - we ran into a fish causing a big problem in the Caribbean. It's the Lionfish. The problem is -- this is a Pacific species which has now made its way to the Atlantic. With no natural enemies, it can pretty much do whatever it wants. It's a fact which has scientists and researchers nervous. Fid out more in this report from the Shark Task Force. For more on sharks and the ocean, check out
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Yes, so far, to us - the number one spot goes to Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. It gives new meaning to what exploring is all about. Jump in the water with us as we explore this location and come face to face with Tiger Sharks. The Top 5 Shark Dive Destinations has been brought to you by Sharks: Knights of the Sea - now available on and The Top Five Destinations is also brought to you by The Shark Task Force. Why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?
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We're now down to our top two shark dive destinations. And number two is the mysterious island of Guadalupe. It's one of the best places in the world to see white sharks. For more on sharks, check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea - A Captain Jon Adventure, now available from and

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