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Everything you wanted to know about sharks and ocean conservation.
Dive destination number three takes us to paradise, where there's much more to shark diving than meets the eye. Everywhere you turn, there's a new adventure waiting for you. The Top Five Shark Dive Destinations is brought to you by - Sharks: Knights of the Sea, now available from and Special thanks to Lawrence Groth of Shark Diving International and the People of Fiji.
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For Top Shark Dive # 4, we're turning off the lights for a one of a kind dive with sharks in the Bahamas. After jumping in the water at night - fear quickly turns into a healthy dose of respect and mystery turns into beauty. The Shark Task Force Top Five Shark Dives is brought to you by - Sharks: Knights of the Sea - A Captain Jon Adventure, now available on and Special thanks to Jim Abernethy of Abernethy Scuba Adventures and Lawrence Groth from Shark Diving International. We'll see you next time.
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Here we go - get ready to count down the Top 5 Shark Dives from Captain Jon and Status Adventures. We start off at a place where the only thing more abundant than sharks is pure adrenaline. Join us as we head to the Bahamas and Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures - where a seat at the dinner table takes on new meaning. For more on sharks, check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea - a Captain Jon adventure, now available on and
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The Shark Task Force, Status Adventures and Captain Jon take you around the world for our favorite shark dives. In this exclusive preview, we take you from the Bahamas to Guadalupe. For more on sharks, check out and .
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Here's the latest trailer for our documentary - Sharks: Knights of the Sea. You'll come face to face with White Sharks, Lemon Sharks and of course, Tiger Sharks. Knights of the Sea features Jon Schellenger, Lawrence Groth, Mike Heithaus and Jim Abernethy. Destinations include the Bahamas and the Island of Guadalupe. Three years in the making, it's fun for the entire family. You'll find it available on and
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What's it like to go into deep water with a Great White Shark? Find out in this exclusive clip from Sharks: Knights of the Sea. For more on sharks, check out and Special thanks to Shark Diving International.
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To most people it's just a shark. But to Fijians, the White Tip Reef Shark has very special meaning. Legend has it that the White Tip saved people on a boat - and even helps fisherman fish. One thing is for sure, sharks are bringing economic prosperity. Find out more, in this edition of the Shark Task Force. For more on sharks, check out and .
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