Shark Task Force
Everything you wanted to know about sharks and ocean conservation.
This time on the Shark Task Force, meet Emma and Emma, two shark ambassadors working both sides of the water. This episode was recorded at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas and off the coast of Palm Beach where we caught up with Emma Finn - the name behind "Emma" the Tiger Shark. For more on sharks, check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea, available from
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This time on the Shark Task Force, a special audio edition. Recently we caught up with Rupert Murray, director of the movie, The End of the Line. It's the first major documentary focusing on overfishing. The movie asks you to "imagine a world without fish." What are the dangers of overfishing? Could we be in trouble by the middle of this century? Is there anything we can do? Find out in this special edition. Thanks as always, and remember -why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?
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Marine Life Artist Wyland is known for his life-sized "whaling walls." He spent almost three decades painting 100 walls around the world. Today that work is seen by 1 billion people every year. That's only part of the picture. Wyland sat down with us to talk about his work, what's next and why inspiring the next generation is the key to saving our planet. Special thanks to Wyland, The Wyland Foundation and Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures.
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In this critical episode of the SharkTaskForce, we look at the question - "Are sharks dangerous?"  The answer will surprise you in more ways than one. Special thanks to Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures, and everyone working to protect sharks.
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