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The Shark Task Force continues to follow the story of Lemon Sharks in Florida. The state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering prohibiting the take of Lemon Sharks in Florida waters. In October, people on all sides of the issue gathered to speak out. The Shark Task Force will continue to follow this story as the state of Florida considers what to do. The FWC is scheduled to review the issue in December in Clewiston, FL.
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The Shark Task Force continues to focus on Lemon Sharks off the coast of Florida. Time may be running out to help protect these creatures. Find out more in this episode of the Shark Task Force. Special thanks to Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures and . Find out more at or sign the petition at
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The Shark Task Force joins forces with Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures in a series of special reports to help preserve sharks. We begin with the Lemon Shark. Florida fisherman may target Lemon Sharks this season, putting the lemons at risk. To help protect the shark, the state of Florida is considering putting the Lemon Shark on the prohibited species list. If you're interested in supporting a ban on Lemon Shark fishing - check out the following link: . Find out more in today's podcast:
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This time on the SharkTaskForce, we're up to something completely different. Let's jump in the Gulf Stream for a dive of a different nature - surrounded by another type of life. Special thanks to Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures and We'll see you next time on the Shark Task Force, because why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?
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This time we're heading back to Fiji for another look at some very big Bull Sharks. We'll also find out the answer to the question: If a Tiger Shark shows up - who leaves the area first? The Bulls or the Tiger? The answer may surprise you. For more on sharks, check out Sharks Knights of the Sea: A Captain Jon Adventure. And remember - why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?
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